Business Cards

Are you looking for card that will be kept? Our relief printing equipment presses an inked forme into expensive paper. We create one-of-a-kind cards that have a unique texture and feel.

Small runs of business cards are hand fed into our a Chandler & Price platen press. This press is a legitimate time machine and give you insight to how printing technology looked in 1904.

Electricity Bid Cards for Eisenbach Consulting


Donny Eisenbach is a good friend of mine and wanted to see what my equipment could do for him. This is what we came up with:

• TECHNIQUE: Letterpress; Blind Deboss (Plate impression w/o ink) plus two colors.
• INK: Van Son Rubber Based Ivy Green 347 & Custom Mixed Yellow 115
• PAPER: 220lb Crane’s Lettra (The thick stuff)
• PRESS: Windmill

Wasabi Letterpress Cards


I met Mr. Delgado-Charles while I was taking photos for Wasabi. He supplied an awesome wine glass stain to vectorize and us on his cards. It was important to him that all of his contact information be tastefully composed.

• INK: Van Son Pantone Black
• PAPER: 130lb Boutique Red Tartan
• PRESS: 1904 C&P

Dan’s Letterpress Card


There were the cards highlighted in my video. Here are the specs to how they were.

• INK: Hand Mixed Slate Grey Ink with a hint of red.
• PAPER: 110lb. Lettra
• PRESS: Windmill