Its not very often you see a business card printed on an antique letterpress. At Engelking Design we print with a 1904 Chandler & Price Handfed Letterpress. The machine is more than a printer, is a time machine that shows what printing looked like a hundred years ago, when quality counted most.

Engelking Design is a full service design firm, owned by designer Dan Engelking. Dan specializes in both old and new production methods. While letterpress is our passion, we have a wide assortment of full color digitally printed products as well, such as business cards, handout cards, and brochures printed on large sheetfed offset presses. We are also proficient with wide format printing, such as vehicle wraps, large printed banners, and digitally printed signage.

Letterpress work is unique because of the method and the impression it leaves in the paper. Create texture, emphasize typography and highlight logo artwork. Elements are seen and felt in a remarkable way on every card. We have found that a letterpress card is kept when other types of cards are not. It makes complex artwork look its best and looks amazing with a simple sharp looking design. Schedule a appointment to see some samples first hand and commission a one of a kind print project made by hand. Mention this page and receive 10% your project.

logo Letterpress is not like your inkjet printer. It is a painstaking process. We can print with hand set lead type or print from a digital file using photoengraved plates. While this is an old fashioned method, we can print from a vector design file.

We use the premium 100% cotton art paper and mix our ink colors by hand using a pantone guide. We make sure that our work speaks for itself and is crisp to the touch and the registration is exact.

C&P-GordonJobberIn 1881 Cleveland, Ohio was a western state and home to a fledgling company run by Harrison T. Chandler and William H. Price. Like other equipment makers of the day, the Chandler & Price ‘old series’ letterpress was based on the recently expired Gordon Jobber design whose patent had expired. Unlike the others though, a C&P press was truly built to endure the test of time. It became the pressman’s favorite and the 3/4 ton beasts were soon found in print shops across the nation. Ours was purchased from a printer needing to clear out some warehouse space in the small town of Jacksonville, Texas and is a pleasure to print with because cards or sheets are placed by hand into the machine one at a time. Much more care goes into the printing of each item.

heidelberg_windmillOur 1965 10×15 Heidelberg Windmill weighs in at 2850 lbs, and has a massive 40 tons of impressional strength. But the most radical feature of the Original Heidelberg press is its sweeping windmill feeder. This double blade mechanism, with grippers on both ends, moves in quarter turns from feeding, to print, to delivery positions. Watch the Video below to see it in action:

Letterpress Promo.mp4 from Dan Engelking on Vimeo.